Satellite Communications

zigbee wireless protocol

Zigbee is a low-power, low-data-rate wireless communication protocol designed primarily

wisp technology

WISP stands for Wireless Internet Service Provider. It's

Why Non-Terrestrial (Satellite) Communication Systems Matter?

Non-terrestrial, or satellite, communication systems hold significant importance for several

SC-CPS single carrier circularly pulse shaped

SC-CPS (Single Carrier Circularly Pulse Shaped) is a modulation scheme

DRL (Deep reinforcement learning)

Deep reinforcement learning (DRL) is a subset of machine learning

5G New Radio Evolution Meets Satellite Communications

Introduction: The 5G New Radio (NR) standard is the latest

Networking for 5G and satellite backhaul integration

Introduction Networking for 5G and satellite backhaul integration is an

Integrated terrestrial/satellite access

Introduction Integrated terrestrial/satellite access is a communication technology that