What integrations are available between Power Platform and other Microsoft services?

The Microsoft Power Platform offers several integrations with other Microsoft services to enhance its capabilities. Please note that the details may have evolved since then, and it's advisable to check the latest documentation for the most up-to-date information.

  1. Power BI Integration:
    • Power BI is tightly integrated with the Power Platform. Power BI reports and dashboards can be embedded directly into Power Apps and Power Automate, providing seamless data visualization capabilities.
    • Power Apps can utilize Power BI connectors to bring in data for app development.
    • Power Automate can trigger flows based on Power BI events, enabling automated workflows based on data changes.
  2. Dynamics 365 Integration:
    • Power Platform is closely connected with Dynamics 365, Microsoft's suite of business applications. Power Apps can be used to create custom apps that integrate with Dynamics 365 data.
    • Power Automate can automate processes involving Dynamics 365 entities and events.
  3. Azure Integration:
    • Power Platform integrates with Azure services, allowing users to leverage the capabilities of Azure in their Power Apps and Power Automate workflows.
    • Azure connectors are available for Power Apps and Power Automate, enabling seamless communication with Azure services like Azure Blob Storage, Azure SQL Database, etc.
  4. Microsoft 365 Integration:
    • Power Platform is designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft 365 applications. Power Apps can be integrated with SharePoint lists, Excel files, and other Microsoft 365 data sources.
    • Power Automate can automate workflows involving Microsoft 365 applications, such as sending emails through Outlook, managing tasks in Microsoft Planner, etc.
  5. Common Data Service (CDS) Integration:
    • Power Platform components often leverage the Common Data Service, which provides a unified and scalable data platform for apps.
    • Power Apps can use the Common Data Service for data storage and management.
    • Power Automate can trigger flows based on changes in Common Data Service entities.
  6. Office 365 Integration:
    • Power Platform can be integrated with Office 365 services, enabling the creation of custom apps and workflows that interact with Office 365 data.
    • Power Apps and Power Automate can connect with services like Microsoft Teams, Excel, and OneDrive.
  7. GitHub Integration:
    • Power Platform supports integration with GitHub, facilitating version control for Power Apps and Power Automate flows.
  8. AI and Cognitive Services Integration:
    • Power Platform can utilize Azure Cognitive Services and AI Builder for incorporating artificial intelligence capabilities into apps and workflows.