What is AWS CodeBuild?

AWS CodeBuild is a fully managed continuous integration service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is designed to compile source code, run tests, and produce deployable artifacts for your applications. CodeBuild scales automatically to meet your build volume, and it eliminates the need for you to provision, configure, and scale your own build servers.

Here is a more detailed technical explanation of AWS CodeBuild:

Key Components:

  1. Build Project:
    • A Build Project in CodeBuild represents a collection of build settings and configurations. It includes information such as the source code location, build environment, build commands, and output artifacts.
  2. Source:
    • CodeBuild supports various source code repositories, including AWS CodeCommit, GitHub, Bitbucket, and others. You configure the source settings when creating a Build Project.
  3. Build Environment:
    • CodeBuild provides a set of pre-configured build environments, known as build Docker images. These images contain the necessary build tools, runtime, and dependencies. You can also create custom Docker images to use as build environments.
  4. Buildspec File:
    • The buildspec file is a YAML file that resides in the root directory of your source code. It defines the series of build phases, commands, and settings to be executed during the build process. This allows you to customize the build process for your specific requirements.
  5. Output Artifacts:
    • CodeBuild produces output artifacts, which are files or directories generated during the build process. These artifacts can be stored in Amazon S3 buckets or other external locations.
  6. Logs:
    • CodeBuild generates detailed build logs that provide information about each phase of the build process. These logs are crucial for troubleshooting and understanding the outcome of the build.


  1. Source:
    • CodeBuild retrieves the source code from the specified repository. This can be a code repository hosted on AWS or an external service.
  2. Build Environment Provisioning:
    • CodeBuild provisions a build environment based on the selected build Docker image. The environment includes the required runtime, dependencies, and build tools.
  3. Buildspec Execution:
    • CodeBuild executes the commands specified in the buildspec file. This may involve compiling code, running tests, and other build-related tasks.
  4. Artifact Generation:
    • If the build is successful, CodeBuild generates output artifacts as defined in the buildspec. These artifacts are typically the deployable units of your application.
  5. Artifact Storage:
    • CodeBuild can upload the generated artifacts to Amazon S3 or other specified locations, making them available for further deployment or distribution.
  6. Logs and Notifications:
    • CodeBuild provides detailed build logs that can be accessed through the AWS Management Console or retrieved programmatically. It also supports notifications through Amazon CloudWatch Events.


  • AWS CodePipeline:
    • CodeBuild can be integrated into AWS CodePipeline, allowing you to create a continuous delivery pipeline that automates the build, test, and deployment phases of your application.
  • Integration with Other AWS Services:
    • CodeBuild seamlessly integrates with other AWS services, such as AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeDeploy, and AWS Lambda, to create end-to-end development and deployment workflows.